Welcome to Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv skyline and shoreline

A little over a century old, Tel Aviv exudes style with its medley of trendy and timeless. Whether you prefer the urban nightlife scene or the simple pleasure of a beachside stroll, the city is overflowing with things to do and people to see. Come relax in Tel Aviv’s many chic cafes, all offering the perfect espresso, or explore the many avant-garde art galleries and charming boutiques. The city’s architecture is also uniquely stylish- UNESCO has declared Tel Aviv, the first and only Bauhaus city in the world, to be a World Heritage Site. Its Bauhaus roots are reflected in its clean contours, curved balconies and geometric silhouettes.

Take a stroll down the beach promenade to Jaffa, the quieter sister city of Tel Aviv and find yourself stepping back in time. Steeped in Middle Eastern culture, Jaffa is the historic counterpoint to Tel Aviv’s modern urbanity, with cobblestone streets lined with artisan shops and seaside restaurants serving up fresh local fare. With a uniquely local atmosphere and old-style architecture, Jaffa has much to offer for those seeking a special and lovely place to call home.