5 Tips to studying for the Israeli Real Estate License Exam (Inforgraphic)

No matter how good your conversational Hebrew is, studying for the Israeli real estate license exam is a challenge.

We know, we get this a lot from our students.

From going through the study material to trying to understand the Hebrew words and phrases, below we’ve gathered our top 5 tips to studying successfully and passing the Israeli real estate license exam. 

5 tips for studying for the Israeli real estate license exam, by Su Casa TLV Real Estate ACADEMY

There are no shortcuts

Whether you’re a real estate veteran abroad or just building your real estate career in Israel, the first thing to consider is earning your realtor’s license.

All real estate agents in Israel are required to pass a licensing exam and be registered by Israel’s Realtors Registrar and in order to be registered as a realtor and receive your real estate license you must first pass a Hebrew exam.

If you are a veteran, regardless to your many years of experience, (it surely will give you an advantage on the field) you are still required to pass the Hebrew test.

And know this, working as a non-licensed real estate agent is a criminal offence punishable by twelve months in jail.

Start as soon as you can

One of the top questions we get is: “When should I start studying for the test?”

There’s really no one answer fits all here, as everyone has their own individual ways of learning and digesting the material.

Yes, the exam is in formal Hebrew and yes, you’d probably need to go through the entire study material twice (at least).

Ideally you should start as early as two months before the exam date, and make sure to set aside a couple of hours a week.   

Don’t waste your time by studying on your own

Having to study for the test is hard enough, so why make it even harder by studying on your own? If you happen to own the English translated version of the Book of Laws, then know that it is simply a translation of the Hebrew book. It can help, but it is no guarantee that you’ll manage to study for the exam on your own.

The key to passing the exam lies in your capability of reading and understanding the laws in Hebrew. If you know the translation of the laws in English, that’s great, however, it won’t do you much good for passing the test. Remember: the exam is in Hebrew.

Also, you could easily get lost with the amount of material you need to study for the test, so having some guidance throughout the study process, will go a long way in helping you pass.

Take it seriously

The study material with its formal Hebrew and big words along with having to understand the context, can be all very overwhelming.  

Don’t let this discourage you.

Start as soon as you can to avoid the stress, and the more serious you take it from start, the higher your chances are of passing. Make sure to set aside a few hours each week for study and practice and we even recommend that you take the time to repeat the material.

Practice makes perfect

Studying for the test is tough, I’m not going to lie. Even native Israelis find the study material hard to digest.

So no matter how hard you study and prep for the test, still, there is a chance you’ll fail.

Don’t stress out if you don’t understand everything from day one, it’s okay.

Our advice is go over the study material, practice and repeat.

Remember that passing the exam and earning your license is the first step towards your real estate career, so make it count. And if you failed? Don’t be so harsh on yourself, you can try again by taking on the next exam, where only this time, you’ll come a lot more prepared.

But don’t let this discourage you. We’re here to prepare you for the exam and give you all the right tools to pass.

And the best thing about our online course is that you can repeat the classes anytime, anywhere and as much as you need.

To find out more about our online English course, please go to: http://bit.ly/2aZRN8W

Or email me at: joanna@sucasatlv.com

Good luck! 🙂

Author: Joanna Stromze

Tel Aviv-based licensed real estate broker, content writer, blogger, inbound marketer, and amateur photographer, living and breathing all things Tel Aviv. I’m a firm believer in the ‘do what you love, love what you do’ philosophy; it is through my love for Tel Aviv and passion for real estate, that I write regularly about real estate market trends, guides & tips for sellers and buyers, insights for realtors, everyday life in Tel Aviv and tales of my life as a realtor. Browse through my website, enjoy and feel free to stay in touch.

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